Leasing Benefits


Leasing is a financial resource that is even more available than loan from banks in some cases. It is possible to finance non-bankable companies (e.g. the ones that do not have sufficient amount of collateral for the loan).
Those companies who have just decided to start their own new business - "Start-up" projects - are also applicable for leasing.

No Additional Collateral

No real estate (house, land, etc.) required as an additional insurance for the lease contract. In most of the cases, the asset to be financed is the only collateral needed.

Tax Advantages

In terms of Georgian tax regulation, lease payments are fully deductible which decreases the taxable profit, i.e. the profit tax to be paid. In case of a loan, only interest is deducted as cost, which is just part of the total loan payment.

VAT Payment Delay

Under financial leasing, Value Added Tax of the fixed assets is paid step-by-step, during the lease period, in proportion with the lease payments.

Working Capital

Leasing is a good opportunity to use the available working capital for other important costs, like everyday overheads, while equipment purchase or upgrade can fully be financed by leasing.

Flexible Payment Schedule

Client requests and capabilities, seasonality and business specifics is fully considered while forming the payment schedule. On the other hand, TBC Leasing pays attention to the projected financial situation and the possible effect of the lease asset to be financed on the future cash flows of the company.


Our managers assist clients in selecting and arranging the procurement process with providers, transportation and insurance companies, as well as custom bodies. Leasing company can be an intermediary that takes responsibility to negotiate, arrange and manage any problems instead of you.

Simple and Transparent Procedures

The procedure of processing the project and signing the agreement is simple, short and free of charge.  There are no commissions charged in leasing.