For Consumers

JSC TBC Leasing was established in 2003.

The company with more than 450 clients across Georgia and over 1200 valid leasing agreements, is currently the leader of the market and manages GEL 60mm portfolio. There are 27 employees in the company.

The list of TBCL clients vary from medical, printing, transportation companies, food and processing industry, to service industry and trade, as well as some agricultural companies all across Georgia.

By now total leasing portfolio in Georgia amounts to 85 mm GEL, out of which 67% is for TBC Leasing

Prompt and flexible service makes TBCL products attractive for both newly established yet developing and accomplished large companies. The company constantly strives to develop partnership with different local vendors and thus offer clients flexible new products tailored to their needs.


Our Values

• Quality customer service.
• The team of young high professionals
• Providing the necessary support at any stage
• Promptness & Effectiveness
• Total transparency of the process and no commission fee


Our Mission

Making investment in capital assets easy, efficient and rewarding experience for companies wanting to advance and succeed.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a company offering quality solutions, increasing access to capital for local businesses, empowering success and contributing to development of our clients, staff and economic growth in general.



Being a leader on Georgian leasing market, TBC Leasing has a number of reliable partners both locally and worldwide: