Social Responsibility

According to the company’s credit policy, financing the illegal projects is restricted. The same applies to the companies involved in drug-dealing, producing or selling environmentally unfriendly products, as well as companies connected with prostitution, financial speculation or gambling business.   

Financing environmentally unfriendly products is also restricted for TBCL by its creditors, which is fully accepted by TBC Leasing Management and Group. Environmental issues are addressed with responsibility by TBC Leasing.

TBC Leasing is oriented on financing small and medium size enterprises and taking part in Agriculture development. The increase of number of employees (including female employees), the purchase of raw materials on the local market (including small farmers), the plans of exporting products are the priority indicators that TBC Leasing takes into account while reviewing any project. Thus, the leasing company does its best to take part into the development of local production and overall economic situation.