All companies interested in leasing services, can follow these procedures to obtain the desirable funding. 

Initial Interview

State the requirements with the sales manager and learn about the lease terms and conditions in general; Or else you can file an online request without leaving your seat via our web or FB page – after that TBC Leasing representative will contact you in a day.

Information Exchange and Business Visit

All financial statements and other documents, required from the manager, shall be submitted to the leasing company. At the same time a client will be provided with the estimated payment schedule.

On the stage of project review, TBCL manager will also pay the prospective customer a visit at the enterprise or office to examine its activities on the spot.

Project Approval

Project underwriting will take 5 working days on average.

The exception is when car financing projects or "Tegeta" projects are discussed (See special offers). In this case the approval process will not take longer than 2 days.

In case of your project approval, the lease manager moves on to the discussion of exact conditions of the agreement together with you.

Legal Part

It doesn’t take a long time or any financial costs to present your lega documents and later to sign the lease agreement. The only thing to do is to keep company’s legal documents ready.

In standard cases the required documents are: Statute, an extract from the Public Registry, copies of partners' and CEO's IDs.


At the same time a manager will negotiate with a supplier and transportation company for the terms and conditions and draw up contracts with them. Our manager will assist you at any stage and contact any entity during the lease term.

Final Stage

Finally, when the lease asset is purchased, it is transferred to the client for use till the expiration of the lease.

Our customer service doesn't end when the lease application is completed and the equipment is delivered. Whether it is by telephone, e-mail, on-line or in person, TBC Leasing is there to answer your questions and assist you throughout the lease term and with future equipment acquisitions.