Have your New Car from local car dealers in Just 1 Day by presenting only your ID!


Auto-Leasing is available both for individuals and legal entities!



Advance Payment: 20-30%

Financing Term: 12-36 months

Commissions: 0%


What do you need?
  • In case of individuals, the only thing you need is your ID card;

  • In case of legal entities, you need copies of ID cards for partners and the CEO;


What brands are subject to auto-leasing?



Customers interested in any other brand can also apply for leasing financing. The final decision about the project in that case will be made in two days after the submission!

What you need in this case is:

  • Choosing a car which is manufactured in 2005 or later

  • Presenting bank turnover statements for last 6 months

  • Single Interview with Lease Project Manager