Financial Leasing

Those who want to purchase a new or secondary asset on the local market or from the foreign vendor, can use the financial leasing from TBC Leasing.

TBC Leasing purchases the equipment/machinery chosen by the client (cars, equipment, transportation means, etc.) and leases it to the client for monthly lease payments in return.

The lessee uses the asset for the busines, makes payments every month and after covering the whole liability becomes the owner of the machinery.

The minimal financing amount is $20,000.


Sales and Leaseback

Leaseback enables companies to release amount of money already invested in fixed assets and add it to an active capital.

Through the leaseback TBCL purchases some assets from a client and covers their cost while the client continues to use these assets. Once the payment is fully covered the lessee gets back the ownership again.


Operating Lease

If the main priority of the company is to periodically renew the asset or purchase it just for the specific period of time (e.g. for 1-year construction project), operating leasing is the best solution.

Unlike financial leasing, a company is given an opportunity to make an option out of the following possibilities at the end of the lease period:

• To renew assets and keep payments for the chosen asset.
• To prolong the term of fixed assets and continue payments.
• To return the fixed assets and terminate a contract.